Emily and Nate - Ruth Ang Photography

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. I've been meaning to write something on my blog, but it's been a really hectic year. I might be able to blog a little bit more than before though!

I wanted to make my first blog about Emily and Nate because they're such a fun couple and I've known Emily since high school. I'm really glad she chose me to take her senior photos and her couple photos. It's really nice being able to see her grow into such a beautiful woman with a loving soul. Nate is really lucky to have her as his girlfriend. Don't get me wrong. I've known Emily for quite a while (which is probably why I'm kind of biased haha) so I only want the best for her, but Nate is a great guy and he's a good boyfriend to my friend. It was really nice being able to witness them fall for each other. A lot of our friends knew it was coming, but it's really nice to actually see it happen. They've been inseparable since and I hope nothing but the best for them. I know it's still a long way from now, but if it does happen, I hope that I'll be able to take their engagement photos. It'd be really cute to watch them grow as a family.

Well, I'm getting ahead of myself haha. I will try to be more consistent with blogging, but thanks for reading my first post! I hope you guys enjoyed reading it :)

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