Ruth Ang - Ruth Ang Photography

Hello! I'm Ruth Ang and I'm a wedding photographer. I'm currently located in Southern California. You're probably wondering how I started to pursue photography. My first exposure to professional photography was when I joined the yearbook class at the high school I attended. At the time, I was focused on graphic design, but I started to realize how much I enjoyed taking pictures. Since then, I  simply started to love how I can express myself through the photos that I take. It is definitely a huge privilege of mine being able to capture people's special moments.

Other than photography and editing photos, you'll find me studying, serving at church, working, or hanging out with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Well, you can get to know me better by contacting me! Just click the "Contact" button located on the right side if you're viewing this website from your computer and if you're viewing through your mobile device, scroll above, click the menu and you'll find the "Contact" button there. I'm really excited to have a photo session with you! See you then :)

Photo Courtesy: Abbey Harmon

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